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Today there are more and more IVF babies being born. As we know from the basic fundamental concepts of pre and peri-natal psychology: the more interventions occurring during the most vulnerable times of life, the more consequences arise. Therefore, obviously, IVF babies will likely have many consequences and individuation impediments at the psychological, somatic and social levels.


These issues can result in very challenging issues for the IVF baby and their families. In fact IVF children can have a very difficult time very many levels without their parents or teachers knowing much about it, let alone how to treat it to improve it.


Our job is to help IVF babies find an embodiment relationship within themselves. That is the primary and most prominentissue for IVF babies.


This class covers many of the interventions that have impacts on IVF baby and discussed the behavior and psychosomatic belief systems and attitudes that develop within the baby, and offer suggestions as to how to treat these problems.




30.10. - 02.11.2015 jeweils 10.00 - 18.00 Uhr



Zentrum Nanaya

1070 Wien, Zollergasse 37


Kursleitung: Karlton Terry

Kurssprache englisch

Organisation und Anmeldung: Claudia Versluis



480,- €


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Babytherapy Advanced


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