Babytherapy Advanced - Stage 2

Although Stage 2 of birth is usually the shortest stage in terms of time, it also usually causes the most pain for the mother and the perinate. And because of its physiological nature, it disrupts the head-heart connection. More deep psychological issues are entangled with St. 2 birth trauma than with the other birth stages. At the level of the soul, Stage 2 is a 'never-turning-back' threshold for the entry into this world. From the level of the soul, St.2 inscribes more spiritual/psychological programs than the other stages. Stage 2 of birth requires decision making processes while at the same time creating duress and tension. Remember that humans are the only mammals who have to rotate their heads to be born.




Below are some of the categories that will be covered in the webinar course:




Gynecoidal Pelvis, normal descent


Narrow Pelvis




Mini- zig zag


Over rotation




Cord impairment


Psychological issues


Existential issues



05.04. - 07.04.2019




Fr, 05.04.2019  14-19h
Sa, 06.04.2019  10-18h
So,07.04.2019  10-18h





Shambala - Zentrum für ganzheitliche Gesundheitsbildung und persönliche Erntfaltung


1080 Wien, Bennogasse 8A 




Kursleitung: Karton Terry


Assistenz: Claudia Versluis und Tina Mares


Kurssprache: Englisch - Schulenglisch ist ausreichend (Übersetzung von Fachausdrücken bei Bedarf)










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Babytherapy Advanced


Babytherapy Stage 2 Webinar in Wien   05.-07.04.2019


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Bindungsanalyse Tagung in Köln 17.-19.7.2020
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