Die Intermediate Kurse werden geleitet von Karlton Terry. Sie sind offen für Absolventen des Foundationkurses, die ihr Fachwissen über prä- und perinatale Therapie vertiefen wollen und ihre persönliche Geschichte weiter erforschen möchten.

Intermediate Course

For students who have finished the Foundation Course and wish to pursue deeper levels of their own development and formation.

This course also begins to orient toward developing professional skills with a view to increasing one's adeptness at facilitating for others.

The Intermediate Course is designed for individuals who, after taking the Foundation Course, wish to continue to accelerate their personal process. It is also designed to begin to train practitioners and those who wish to enter into the field of pre and perinatal education. Besides continuing to undertake substantial personal research, students are carefully guided to learn facilitation skills including empathic restraint, energetic palpation, and intuitive contact.

In the Intermediate Course, students will learn sophisticated facilitator skills that will enhance their abilities in their own private practices. Shock recognition and shock management bring a deeper perception and a palpable level of safety which is felt not only by the students when they are sitting as facilitators, but also by the students when they are doing their work . . . allowing for deeper and more refined work during the classes.


Neue Einführungskurse Intro in Wien

15. - 17.05.2020

04. - 06.09.2020

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Prozessgruppe in Wien

22.03.2020 (ausgebucht)


Der aktuelle Foundationkurs läuft 2019 - 2023.


Neue Babytherapy Weiterbildung  in Planung.

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Babytherapy Advanced


Babytherapy Stage 2 Webinar in Wien   05.-07.04.2019


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WiKK Weiterbildung 

zur Krisenbegleiterin für Baby, Kleinkind und Familie mit Paula Diederichs      

WiKK Fortbildung Wien
Weiterbildung zur Krisenbegleiterin für Baby, Kleinkind und Familie mit Paula Diederichs
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EEH Fachtag 2020-04-24
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