Babytherapy Advanced - Birth Simulation Techniques

Accurate birth simulation techniques are the among the most important skill sets that a P&P baby therapist must know. Most all babies will demonstrate birth trauma BBL, and it is important to be able to instantly meet the BBL with the corresponding energetic or physical response. Otherwise the baby will feel unmet, and the therapist will miss the 'wave' of therapeutic possibility. This aspect of baby therapy is very much like a dance, wherein the partners must be in immediate, intimate, and accurate communication.


The class is organized to help you remember and read BBL birth signals on a stage by stage basis. I will then teach various types of simulation strokes and postures (both energetic and physical), and show you how to apply the following steps: 1) empathic restraint; 2) diagnostic palpation; 3) conjunct point/conjunct pathway evaluation; 4) birth simulation/activation techniques; 5) resolution protocols.


In this class we will work with adult partners to practice these techniques. We will also look at some movies showing my birth simulation techniques, and we will also work with babies and families who will be filmed for video feedback.



14.03. - 17.03.2018



Shambala - Zentrum für ganzheitliche Gesundheitsbildung und persönliche Erntfaltung

1080, Josefstädterstrasse 5 / 1. Stock / Raum JS 3



Kursleitung: Karton Terry

Assistenz: Claudia Versluis

Kurssprache: Englisch - Schulenglisch ist ausreichend (Übersetzung von Fachausdrücken bei Bedarf)





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