Class 6
Changing the Family Patterns

The Transfer of the Relational Field

In this, the final class, therapeutic protocols are further developed and more sophisticated procedures are explained and demonstrated. Tracking the tolerance thresholds of the members with a view to winding up the session is discussed. Time boundaries and facilitation possibilities must be finely negotiated to properly end the session.

This class also teaches about an important part of working with babies, how to support the family system at home in-between therapeutic sessions. Homework is an essential ingredient to successful healing for the whole family. We will discuss methods for how to design simple, yet profound exercises that the family can practice at home.

This class answers many typical treatment questions such as:

  • How much can we invite parents to undertake birth games or prenatal simulations at home?

  • What can be done if there is a large discrepancy in tolerance thresholds?

  • What do you do if the baby is still activated at the end of the session?

  • How do you design the appropriate homework for different demands?

  • How to discuss touchy subjects like encouraging the parents to get ongoing therapeutic support for themselves.


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