Class 5
Contact and Therapy with the Baby

Touch is not necessary:  Palpation, Activation, Release

Once a baby's pre and perinatal signals are recognized and the "prominent presenter" identified, the session is well under way. Babies often just need to "memory cry" while their parents hold them in accurate empathy. If this exploit is successful the result is a satisfying, sometimes cathartic experience. When babies are supported to achieve a release apex, they usually no longer need to memory cry from the specific irritation that prompted the crying. Parents can leave the session feeling satisfied because the symptom (colic, sleeplessness, etc.) disappears.

Beside teaching how to support memory crying, this class also introduces some of the more sophisticated techniques and procedures for facilitating a baby's process:  palpation, activation, birth or prenatal simulations. Most of these protocols do not involve physical contact with the baby. However, when physical contact is requested (by the baby) it must be immediate, precise, and non-interventional. This is territory where it is easy to make mistakes, even for skilled therapists. Common mistakes are covered and so are skills designed to help you avoid them. This class is designed to give you the confidence you need to deploy your skills.


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