Class 2
Establishing the Relational Field
Permission Thresholds, Loyalty Conflicts, Intuition

Permission, as we define it, involves much more than having an invitation to initiate a therapeutic process. Permission, when it is appropriately recognized, is an invitation from a resonance in the relational field. Such resonance is a call for attention or action (in the appropriate moment) that is especially well suited to the immediate circumstances. It is a plea for the exact note to be played in the midst of an intricate symphony whose integrity depends upon that note.

Working within the relational field of a family, a skilled therapist facilitates the baby to guide the session. When babies recognize that their therapist is working in the context of permission, they are happy to explain exactly what they want and need. Parents too can sense the value of, and support, curious new interactions when permission is flowing. Class two teaches how to achieve, recognize, and take advantage of the rarified potential available within the state of permission.

At the end of class two, all of the students are given a special gift and insight: Yes or No Intuition. This source of certainty is available to anyone who has learned how to access it, and is an essential and comforting tool when working in tricky territory with babies.


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