Intermediate Kurs - Shock and Shame

Recognition and Resolution of Somatic and Psychological Shock

This class begins with a detailed discussion of somatic and psychological shock arising from pre and perinatal experiences. Types of shock are identified, and shock resolution techniques are explained. Shock is a body response that reduces consciousness, and can remain stubbornly in the body and psyche long after the shocking experience is over, continuing to reduce consciousness and predispose us towards unnecessary and debilitating "activations." When we become conscious of where and how we hold shock we are well on the way to releasing it.

Palpation and body scanning techniques are used to identify where in your body your birth shock is still held. Then, with colored pencils and a paper template, a map is made of these locations identifying the type of shock and its intensity. Working from this body map, and through experiential processes, unresolved issues are prioritized and addressed. Next, the same process is done for remaining prenatal shock. The final experiential process in the class is designed to detect and release the most prominent remaining shock obstruction.

Students of this class will participate in exercises to help them identify and develop palpation skills. They will also receive a powerful and useful guide for how to come out of shock and how to stay out of shock.



23.10. - 28.10.2014

Zeiten: Beginn: 14 Uhr am ersten Tag - Ende: 13 Uhr am letzten Tag



Seminarhaus Die Lichung, Österreich


Kursleitung: Karton Terry

Assistenz: Max Peschek

Kurssprache: Englisch - Schulenglisch ist ausreichend (Übersetzung von Fachausdrücken bei Bedarf)



Jeder Intermediatekurs dauert sechs Tage und kostet € 780,- zzgl. Unterkunft und Verpflegung.

Wenn alle vier Kurse gebucht werden, kostet jeder Kurs € 700,- (Rabatt wird beim vierten Kurs gutgeschrieben).


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