Intermediate Kurs - Shadow

The Shadow

There are books, courses, meditations, and all kinds of exercises for working with the Shadow, but there is nothing like meeting your shadow face to face. In this class you will learn the answers to the following questions:  What is the shadow? How is your shadow created? How and why does your shadow affect the way the world reacts to you? Why are there so many positive or "white" shadows? What happens when you embrace your shadow? The first step after the teaching is to capture your shadow on digital film while Karlton is interviewing you. The next step is to discover and meet your shadow through a video feedback process. Sometimes your whole shadow shows up to introduce itself, and sometimes the video feedback session is more about freeze-framing eye-splits, MUMMs, and facial shadow "leaks." Then we do research regressions to the wounding times that helped create your shadow. After the sources and causes of your shadow are discovered we undertake a group meditation designed to help us embrace, incorporate, and perhaps even love and accept our shadow. Conscious merging with or employment of the shadow becomes an option, and therefore you are less leaky in the world. Finally we do a regression to one of our most vulnerable birth stages:  taking the shadow along as a companion. With the help of our shadow we repattern our vulnerability and bring a new consciousness to how we can deal with stress, pain, hopelessness, helplessness and shame.


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Babytherapy Stage 2 Webinar in Wien   05.-07.04.2019


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Birth Psychology in Bristol/UK 07. - 10.06.2019


Birth Psychology - Tagung in Bristol/UK 07.-10.06.2019
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