Sperm Journey

In the Sperm Journey Class students discover the environment of the body of their father just before the time they were conceived––his diet, his job, his relationship to masculinity and sexuality, his relationship to the feminine, and his dreams and fears about fatherhood all influence the little gamete and the soul that comes through it. Sperm gestures and sperm movements are some of the most accessible body movements we can do. Impressions made upon the sperm cell and the embodying soul are rather easily approached by participating in simple but well-designed meditations and activities. Most students leave this class with a new understanding of why they "chose" their father. They also recognize how the trajectory of their lives has been influenced by his health, self-esteem, attitudes, beliefs, biases, hopes, dreams and fears. Students are given opportunities to be able make conscious choice about what aspects of these qualities they want to keep and more fully incorporate and what aspects and possibly negative imprints they want to let go of forever.


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Birth Psychology in Bristol/UK 07. - 10.06.2019


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