Kurs 6 - Pränatale Phasen Teil 2 - Entdeckung


Dieser Kurs gibt eine Überblick über die Grundlagen der Embryologie zwischen Einnistung und Entdeckung der Schwangerschaft durch die Eltern. Wie haben sich bewußte und unbewußte Erwartungshaltungen der Eltern an das Kind ausgewirkt?


Class 6
Prenatal Stage of Discovery


The period if time in your prenatal life when you go grom being unknown to known. Up until this point only you knew about your existence. Now things radically change because often suddenly you become an object of many other peoples attention. Probably your implantation journey went by unseen by your mother. Eventually she started to wonder wether she is pregnant, and sooner or later she will gain certainty.

This class is about finding the true you underneath all of the expetations and perceptions and projections that were placed upon you during a critical stage of your prenatal formation.

The field of the parents can create early imprints on your cells which may have been programmed to survive rather han thrive.

By reacting to the mothers external influences of acceptance or rejection the intrinsic value of the self at the level of the soul is reduced into a very thin state of being. Relational demands can be placed upin the discoverd embryo.




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