Einführung Babytherapy - BMR                 Level 1 - Kurs 3

SAD`s ( Superciliary Archway Depressions),                      Parietal & Frontal Bone Overrides


Class 3: SADs (Superciliary Archway Depressions), Parietal & Frontal Bone Overrides


            Because a perinate's cranial bones are thin and not fully ossified, even the four large cranial bones (the Frontal, 2 Parietal, and Occipital), are subject to twisting, buckling, and warping from the forces of the uterine contractions pressing the head through the "Pelvic Crux." The term Pelvic Crux describes the space enclosed between the pelvic inlet and the pelvic outlet and is also referred to as the "interspinous distance." "Crux" also means, “a particular point of difficulty," or "the middle of a problem."



            The Frontal Bone width is thinnest just above the supraorbital ridge, where the Frontal Bone is the thickest. Compression and drag forces can form an inward warp, causing the ridge to appear to protrude, creating the "Neanderthal Look.



Because the large bones of the cranium are also impacted by birth forces, the frontal bone and the parietal bones are frequently forced into overrides and underrides, just like the tectonic plates of the earth. Recent fMRI studies indicate that the entire perinatal cranium, and the brain underneath, are compressed, molded, and torsioned into unusual shapes.

Although fontanels allow the bones to collapse, they collapse onto the brain, and create shapes that do not return to 100% symmetry after birth, allowing us to see many details of what the baby's cranium and brain went through during birth.


            Integral to the process of BMR Basic Mapping it is important to learn a little about the meninges, the falx, and the tentorium and how these important membranes and proximal tissues are affected by birth, endowing them with implicit memories (somatic, psychological, and emotional) of the events that were most influential. Meninges, fascia, muscles, ligaments, and tendons are all modified from their symmetrical prenatal shapes and forms. Although we cannot see them directly, we can see their influences upon the shape of the face.




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